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Winter Special – 10 Benefits of Eating Pickles in Winter

Winter Special – 10 Benefits of Eating Pickles in Winter


Pickles are good for your health. Will you believe it? No, most of us feel that pickles are harmful to our health, but it’s not the complete truth. Who knew that eating pickles is good.

A traditional method of food preservation is pickling. Almost any item, including carrots, tomatoes, lemons, mangoes, red and green chillies, cucumber, fish, poultry, and spices, may be made into pickles. It is a side dish that works well with practically all Indian meals.

When we talk about winter special diet we cannot ignore the spicy and delicious pickles. Pickles enhance every dish’s flavour. During winter, you may have spicy and delectable pickled carrots, radishes, and cabbage. These pickles not only improve the flavour of your boring meals but also have impressive health benefits.

At the mere mention of Gajar, Mooli and Gobhi ka achaar, you can almost feel their tanginess and spiciness on your taste buds. . Every cuisine pairs nicely with these basic Indian pickles, which are loved by people of all ages. Pickles are a key component of Indian cuisine’s flavours, not only for the flavour and scent they lend to many dishes but also for their nutritional benefits. We all like winter pickles, but only a few of us are aware of the benefits. 

Let us know how pickles are beneficial for us. 

How Pickles Benefit You During The Winter Season?

Pickles are good for the gut

Pickles are not only beneficial for gut flora, but the fermentation process also partially digests the pickle, releasing more nutrients, which enables your body to absorb more nourishment with less physical effort and gives the gut some much-needed relaxation. 

Pickles are also rich in certain fibres that function as prebiotics, or food for probiotic gut bacteria and feed healthy gut flora.

Fermented vegetables have been linked to improved digestion and a reduction in constipation and diarrhoea symptoms, according to studies. 

Pickles combat cancer

Vegetables include carotene, which can combat cancer. You may supplement your everyday diet with a spoonful of pickles to help you get the nutrients you need. 

Try to include one organic pickle every day in your diet. Use the leftover veggies in your fridge to make pickles at home. They are easy to make with only a few ingredients.

Pickles reduce muscle pain

We sometimes have a hard time coping with pain and bodily activity when we have muscle cramps since they may be rather obstinate. Stiff muscles hinder our ability to move about and don’t allow  our muscles to work effectively. Try eating a spoonful of pickles with your lunch to see the difference.

Pickles reduce cell toxicity

Our body cells need the nutrients we frequently ingest, thus we should eat wholesome meals that support the health of our bodies. Pickles include antioxidants that combat free radicals and lessen cell damage by keeping harmful viruses and germs out of our systems.

Pickles promote weight loss

Due to job pressure and bad eating habits, we tend to neglect our health and gain weight as a result. Pickles can aid in weight loss when eaten in little amounts. Pickle vinegar curbs hunger and promotes physical fitness. 

Make pickles at home and eat them with other meals like rice, chapati or parathas since homemade items are always much fresher and healthier than those found in stores.

Pickles protect the liver

Our bodies legitimately require the proper functioning of our liver. Pickles produced with amla help us maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle by protecting our livers. Since excess of everything can have serious implications, it’s important to consume pickles in moderation. Make homemade fresh amla pickles to get the benefits of consuming the nutrients they offer.

Pickles reduce ulcers

Ulcers are painful and are brought on by poor eating habits and acid interacting with tissues. Gastric ulcers and hyperacidity are both brought on by the thinning of mucous membranes. Consider what you eat each day since poor eating habits might permanently affect your health. Snack on healthful foods to avoid becoming sick.

Pickles promote fresh breath

All of us require mouth fresheners, especially when we have obligations to attend events and gatherings in public. Pickles might help you freshen up your breath. Pickles help us quickly restore fresh breath by eliminating the bacteria in our mouths. Various pickles include antimicrobial qualities that are helpful in fighting bad breath. 

Pickles are good for pregnant women 

There are several things that pregnant women continue to want throughout their pregnancy. One of their favourite desires is pickles, which, when taken in moderation, is good for their health. Because the juices present in pickles contains potassium and salt, it keeps the electrolyte balance in our bodies in check.

Pickles help in lowering cholesterol

Gherkins (pickled cucumber) are beneficial for lowering the levels of cholesterol in our bodies. To control your cholesterol levels and maintain your fitness and health, make fresh pickles using various vegetables like cucumber, carrots or cauliflower. Our bodies can work properly when we consume fermented pickles with our normal meals. The beta-carotene in pickles is said to be responsible for lowering the risk of certain forms of heart diseases.  

Importance of spices and incense

Pickles should always be kept in the sun and ground spices should be used. These factors, in the opinion of health professionals, improve the nutritional value of pickles. These assist in accelerating the metabolism. Pickles made with mustard seeds can aid people with respiratory issues. 

The nutritious content of turnips, carrots, and cauliflower is considerably increased by keeping them in the sunshine. With parathas, dal, rice, and khichdi, pickles are an ideal combination. Consuming the traditionally made wintertime pickles helps ease joint discomfort and skin issues while also reducing skin-related issues. Traditional meals eaten in accordance with the season promote good health.

Final thoughts 

It’s almost like a shock to know that pickles are beneficial. But it is true. Indian traditional meals include pickles to make them gut-friendly and more delicious. We all must have heard that eating pickles is not good for health. But on the contrary, the fact is that pickles contain a lot of minerals and vitamins. 

Pickles are not just a treat to your taste buds, but they are also good for your health as they help manage cholesterol levels, ease joint pain, protect the liver and offer many more health benefits. You can read above mentioned benefits of eating pickles.

Furthermore, it is always important to keep an eye on your health by focusing on your lifestyle habits and getting regular health checkups done.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Pickle good for the brain?

Eating fermented food—such as yoghurt, sauerkraut, pickles, and kimchi—markedly reduces social anxiety, when eaten in moderation it is good food for the brain.

What happens if we eat pickles daily?

It is okay to eat pickles in moderation as an excess of them might cause the risk of heart disease and hypertension.

Does pickle have side effects?

Yes, there are both benefits and side effects of consuming pickles. Eating too much of pickles may be risky for anyone with liver disease or kidney conditions. 

Who should not drink pickle juice?

People with high blood pressure should avoid drinking pickle juice.

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