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WAMA Hemp Underwear Review

WAMA Hemp Underwear Review

Nella has always judged men based on their appearance. And when I mean appearance, I mean from the shirts to their trousers and even their boxer briefs. Crazy right? 

She met Smith at a pool party. It was love at first sight until she saw his boxers; It was tight, transparent with little holes in them, and it was a big turn-off for her. 

After their little conversation, She understood how difficult it was for Smith to get quality underwear and how the ones he got either made him look like an 8-year-old or were not durable.

Most companies that make underwear do not consider quality, and they often target guys who want to improve the appearance and size of their genitals. 

Nella was determined to do anything to help Smith in getting quality underwear that he would be comfortable in; then, she discovered WAMA Hemp underwear. From the reviews she saw, it was the perfect cozy pair of underwear for Smith. 

From their Boy Shorts Underwear for women to their Men’s Boxer Briefs, it was precisely what she and her man needed. After she testified, I had to get mine, and I have no regrets.


Most of the time, when I wear underwear, I know the crotch faintly contacting the gents. They merely sat there holding these. It was a significant discovery.

Whether you choose the men’s boxer briefs or boy shorts underwear, both sets of underwear have flatlock seams that are pleasant and a chafe-free printed label. The soft, well-stretchable waistband is comfortable.

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Since Hemp is not exceptionally soft to the touch, it is typically combined with other fibers to make clothing. Nevertheless, each wash is meant to make it softer. 

Hence, the Wama hemp underwear is made of a combination of 44%organic cotton, 53% hemp, and 3% spandex. The spandex fibers give flexibility and recovery performance, and the cotton fibers make the garment softer.

I concentrated on the Wama underwear’s breathability, moisture-wicking abilities, drying time, and odor resistance during my testing. These, in my opinion, are the most crucial characteristics of performance underwear.

Wama underwear, mostly the boy shorts, can be machine-washed at 30 degrees Celsius, but avoid using bleach and softeners. And avoid tumble drying the underwear. I don’t believe frequent washing will shorten the garment’s lifespan because the fabric is so durable.


Women’s WAMA sizes range from x-small, which corresponds to dress sizes 0 to 2, to 3x-large, which corresponds to dress sizes 16 to 18. Men’s sizes range from very small to 4x-large.

The first time you purchase underwear online, it’s like walking in the dark! Even if you are left with all the necessary measures, you feel lost.

The problem is that other elements must also be taken into account. It depends on your body shape, the fabric’s degree of elasticity, and how you choose it to fit (loose, form-fitting, or tight).

Customer Reviews 

Marcial Wolfe 

WAMA is the top-notch underwear brand I’ve been looking for! My kind coverage and soft fabric make this so very comfy! I hardly even realized they were on! I would adore the addition of many more col really like that they are organic products made with sustainable production methods. PETA endorsed 

Eileen Young  

I bought them to put on over my leggings. I just bought my first pair. They’re excellent. These go great with my leggings. Such comfort. These dry quickly.


I adore wearing hemp apparel and supporting businesses that employ eco-friendly materials. I do, however, wish I could locate a manufacturer of boy shorts for taller women like me. The back does not cover my butt crack, and the legs curl or ride up. I believe they would be loose if I purchased the next size. Longer legs, a higher waist, and a roomier bottom would be lovely! I guess it’s more of a bike short. I have a pear shape and long torso, but I don’t think that’s THAT odd for a woman.

My Experience with WAMA Hemp Underwear 

I was pretty fortunate to receive some hemp underwear from WAMA as gifts to write this review.

Given that hemp is known for being “sturdy,” one of my worries was that WAMA might not be flexible enough. Although the fabric is robust and solid, the spandex and cotton allow for much stretch and flexibility.

Although hemp isn’t a well-known material, I did not know much about it before speaking with Wama. Hemp clothing is typically robust, breathable, UV and odor resistant, according to web sources (antimicrobial).

It tested the boy shorts underwear repeatedly, and I love WAMA hemp underwear, especially how it feels hole-proof. It has been my go-to underwear since then.


  1. WAMA hemp underwear feels comfortable, cooling, and breathable to wear.
  2. Organic cotton and spandex.
  3. Sizing goes up to 3XL for women and 4XL for men.
  4. It is durable.
  5. It has a variety of colors, including 4-tones of nude.
  6. Quick shipping.


  1. It could be problematic for sizing to work out online. Aside from this, I do not know of any other disadvantages.


I’m astonished by how long Wama hemp underwear lasts. Both underwear sets have been in frequent use for quite some time and are still in excellent condition.

The Wama boy shorts are my go-to underwear since they are breathable, sturdy, and incredibly comfy. Also, both garments offer exceptional fit and support and are composed of natural materials. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in search of quality underwear. All thanks to Smith and Nella, who helped me discover these underwear (Check Price at Amazon) brands.