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The Importance of Using an Eco-Friendly Washing Detergent

The Importance of Using an Eco-Friendly Washing Detergent

The Importance of Using an Eco-Friendly Washing Detergent

Nowadays, when you walk into a store, you can find dozens of different washing detergents on the shelves. Do you prefer a spring scent? Or maybe you want your clothes to smell like the ocean breeze?

Options are almost endless, and in the end, all those detergents will remove stains and clean your clothes. So does it matter which one you choose? Of course, it does, but you need to know what you should look for.

Most of those detergents contain a ton of chemicals, from cleaning agents to various phosphates, carbonates, enzymes, and foaming agents. These end up in the rivers, seas, and oceans where they have a negative impact on the environment.

However, the problems with detergents do not stop there. In recent years, the appearance of allergies has worsened, and today many people also struggle with dermatitis and asthma caused by chemicals found in these detergents. So, what is the solution? This is where eco-friendly detergents come into the picture.

What are eco-friendly detergents?

There are several recipes you can follow to make your organic detergent right at home. However, if you would rather purchase a finished product and save yourself some time, there are a few things you should look for in a detergent.

An eco-friendly detergent that truly deserves this title must be completely biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and free of harsh chemicals and dyes. It should also be vegan, meaning it shouldn’t have any animal-based ingredients or be tested on animals.

Some of these detergents even come in the form of strips, so there is no measuring involved and you do not have to worry that you used too much of it. Click here and find out more about these eco-strips.

Problems of conventional detergents

Unlike eco-friendly detergents, conventional ones often contain dangerous chemicals. Some of them do not make your clothes clean. Instead, they are in charge of making it whiter and brighter.

These chemicals that do not ensure more hygienic clothes often remain in your clothes and are then absorbed through the skin. As a result, you can end up developing various health conditions, from dermatitis to nausea and allergies.

Apart from affecting your health, conventional detergents can also affect nature. After they have left your machine, they eventually reach a river or a sea, where they can be absorbed by animals and plants, polluting the environment.

Perks of using organic detergents

You may be worried that organic detergents are not as strong as standard ones, but that is not the case. In fact, eco-friendly detergents are effective just as other ones but are gentler for your clothes and any other items you want to clean.

This is because harmful ingredients such as chlorine, sulphates, and dyes are replaced with biodegradable products made from organic crops.

Another perk of using organic detergents is a reduced home energy bill. Eco-friendly detergents are equally efficient in cold and hot water, so you do not need to use hot water to thoroughly wash your clothes. This way you can save electricity and money.

However, one of the biggest reasons people turn to organic detergents is the fact that these products do not endanger our health. Although some residues still remain in the clothes after the wash, in this case, they do not come from dangerous chemicals, and therefore will not cause allergic reactions and other health conditions.

Since organic detergents do not contain harmful chemicals, they are not only respectful of our health but of the environment as well.

Organic detergents for your home

Apart from washing your clothes, organic detergents can be also used for washing your baby’s items, from cloth diapers to towels and blankets. Look for eco-friendly detergents that are specially formulated for baby clothes and keep those harsh chemicals away from your little one.

Apart from washing detergents, you can also find various other eco-friendly products on the market that can be used for home cleaning. For instance, nowadays you can easily find lime products, toilet gels, and dishwashing detergents that are made with natural ingredients.

By opting for an eco-friendly washing detergent you won’t just do your planet a huge favour, but you also won’t expose your loved ones to dangerous chemicals and put their health at risk in the long run.  

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