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Sourdough Discard & Egg Pancake

Sourdough Discard & Egg Pancake

So, you’re generating your own sourdough starter. Or maybe you are in in between loaves. But you discover you with a expanding container of sourdough discard that you just cannot use for bread nonetheless. You’re hungry — in will need of a speedy meal or snack with sophisticated carbs & protein. I current to you 1 of my favourite breakfasts: the Sourdough Discard & Egg Pancake.

(Honestly, I’m not guaranteed what to get in touch with it. “Sourdough Discard & Egg Pancake” was the most descriptive and the very least bizarre just one I could occur up with. If you have a superior identify, allow me know. It’s even now scrumptious however.)

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What you are going to need to have for sourdough discard egg pancakes

For this savoury breakfast, you are going to need:

• Sourdough discard (doesn’t will need to be lively)
•  Water
•  Eggs
• Oil for the pan

To provide and customize your sourdough discard egg pancake, I suggest:

• Hoisin sauce
• Toasted white + black sesame seeds

Experience cost-free to contemplate your individual increase-ins and toppings for distinctive personalized flavour combinations! I’ve also served these with ketchup, or skipped the eggs entirely and manufactured sourdough discard crêpes.

That’s all, people! Just a quick and easy recipe put up for you all today. I know that I have not been putting up recently considering that college has picked up once more, but I’m likely to do my finest and preserve up this blog all through the year! My purpose is to submit at least at the time a month — be sure to keep me to it. 🙂

Enjoy & Carbs,