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NPI Registry Updates: Staying Informed And Compliant With Regulatory Changes in 2023

NPI Registry Updates: Staying Informed And Compliant With Regulatory Changes in 2023

NPI Registry Updates: Staying Informed And Compliant With Regulatory Changes in 2023

The medical billing and claims process is often considered complete when it has the NPI number attached to it.

If you have medical insurance and are planning to submit it to Medicaid and Medicare, you need to enter an accurate NPI amongst other health plans. Otherwise, no payments will be made to you.

Now, if you are coming across this term for the first time, it is natural to feel confused.

The NPI number, which is expended as the National Provider Identifier, is a unique identification number provided to healthcare organizations and providers in the United States.

The NPI concept was introduced in 1996 and has played a major role in improving the entry and maintenance of people’s electronic health records. It forms a part of the HIPPA, which expands as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

HIPPA has guidelines that all individuals, businesses, and healthcare agencies transmitting their patients’ information in an electrical format related to any transaction should have an NPI number. Hence, NPI Registry becomes important.

Use Of The NPI Number

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The NPI is a unique 10-position numeric identifier, and it is used in all healthcare plans for financial and administrative transactions. The health plans assign unique ID numbers for each healthcare provider.

All the providers use a different ID depending on the plan for which they are submitting and demanding the claims. The best part about this number is its added efficiency to the billing and tracking process.

All the electronic transactions identified by the HIPPA use this number. Apart from the transactional use, the healthcare providers can use this number of self-identification and other providers in this and related correspondence.

It helps in tracking the providers in other causes like abuse and fraud. Hence, the number helps in various other functions.

Getting The Number

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The online application process through the NPPES is the fastest way to get the number. The overall process takes about 20 minutes to complete.

All the individual applicants should ensure that they are first creating a username and a password. The Identity and Access Management System (I&A) generate the username and password. You can enter these credentials and log into the NPPES.

The NPI is critical for accurate medical billing and improving the speed of the revenue cycle management.

They are helpful for various services like reimbursement. However, you should ensure that the claim shall stand rejected if you submit any claim without a registered NPI. Also, you should ensure the validity of your NPI.

You should also know that per CMS, all the providers who successfully submit a complete electronic application related to their NPI will get their NPI in 10 days or even fewer days. However, if you are taking the traditional paper route, the review process for the application can take up to 20 days.

Important Updates

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The NPI number is assigned to you by the governmental agency, and hence, you should see that if anyone is trying to trick you into getting it through a third-party source.

Such options are fake, and you will waste your time and effort. The biggest red flag is that such sources will offer money in exchange for the number provided.

The business mailing and practice location addresses are made public via the number on the NPPES. You can do it anytime if you think you need to update it. But it would help if you did it as soon as possible and did not delay it without any solid reason.

The NPI Updating the NPI registry is important to avoid future repercussions. You can make the updates with the help of your email.

You can mail a paper application or choose to fill, download, and send an update form available at the official website that is https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov. Apart from this, you have another option of contacting the NPI enumerator and requesting the same via email.

All the information you associate with the NPI gets updated daily. However, the pending information does not get updated, and also, it won’t be presented in front of you.

You should see the NPI type which fits your position and choose to get the number generated accordingly.

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However, you should note various things. The foremost is that the NPI Enumerator is not allowed to provide suggestions on what kind of specific address should be listed with the record.

If you have contacts with your employer or with the health plan contractor, you can seek their guidance if you have any other questions related to other issues.

Also, the status should be checked frequently. If your number is deactivated, it will be stated there and then.

The NPI application has the Other Provider Identifiers section with legacy numbers. It is an optional section; you need not obtain the legacy numbers to apply for the NPI.

If you want to change the online application, you can visit the website. But you must follow some instructions, like correctly entering the password and username. Also, there are other details that you need to check if you don’t have the user ID or password.

If you forget the user ID or password, you will find these buttons on the website’s Home Page that will help you navigate to the system where you can make the required changes.

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Sometimes, you will get issues accessing the NPI, and you can contact the NPI Enumerator. Also, you should not compromise your situation while ignoring the privacy guidelines related to information disclosure available on the portal.

Updates and changes in the application and number form are different for different people, so you should be careful in filing the details.


It would help if you considered the appropriate time that will be taken by the process to begin and end while applying for the NPI.

You should consider all the requirements and also see your eligibility for applying. But it won’t be a requirement if you are not submitting the claims.

Also, you should see all the guidelines while applying so there are no issues later.