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Bannerghatta National Park – Bangalore’s Jungle Safari

Bannerghatta National Park – Bangalore’s Jungle Safari

The Bannerghatta National Park is a favourite getaway for a day for all tech nerds and high flying professionals in Bangalore City. A day trip to this park offers a sneak peek into a jungle in the Bangalore city outskirts. The Bannerghatta National Park is a treasure trove of some amazing wild life combined with the serenity of the forest just 40 km from Bangalore City.

Interesting Facts about the Bannerghatta National Park

The park provides shelter to over 78 animal species that account for more than 1300 wild animals being taken care of by the park.  The sprawling campus offers visitors many learning and recreational facilities other than doing its part in caring for the environment. Its primary objective is to support the conservation of endangered wildlife species that do not stand a chance of survival in the wild.

Bannerghatta is a 65,000-acre biological park located in the Anekal Forest range in the Bangalore rural district. It started as a recreational centre for nature lovers in 1972. While gaining prominence after wild and endangered animals were taken in as a conservation and restoration effort. It was soon declared a National Park in 1974. The landscape consists of hilly terrain, scrubland, deciduous forests, and valleys. The Swarnamukhi water stream that flows through the park makes it a perfect breeding ground for flora and fauna to thrive.

Fascinating Activities to indulge in at the Bannerghatta National Park

Shathayu Yoga Retreats recommend its customers to indulge in the following fun and informative activities when visiting the Bannerghatta National Park.

1. Bannerghatta Mini Zoo

What started as a picnic spot in the outskirts of Bangalore is now home to a variety of exotic mammals, reptiles, and birds. The zoo is home to over 1900 animals belonging to more than 94 species. The prominent animals include Panthers, Himalayan black bear, crocodiles, king cobra, hog deer among others. The park is open on all days from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm except during national holidays and special days. The entry Fee cost Rs 80 for adults and Rs 40 for children

2.  Bannerghatta Butterfly Park

The Bannerghatta Butterfly Park is a hidden gem within the National park, spread over an area of 1050 sq ft. The landscape garden and the varieties of butterflies is a fascinating tour for every nature lover. The facility houses around 48 species of butterfly. While on the visit, keep your eyes open and curious. The entry fee cost Rs 80 for adults and Rs 40 for children

3. Bannerghatta Jungle Safari

The Bannerghatta Jungle Safari is the highlight when on a visit to the National Park. It offers visitors the opportunity to observe wild animals in their natural habitat. The park’s management has made elaborate arrangements to house different wild animals in separate enclosures so that they don’t come in contact with one another. The entrance for a jungle safari is Rs 260 for adults and Rs 130 for children.

  • Lion Enclosure – The safari through the lion’s enclosure takes visitors through the picturesque Mattubunde hillock, with breathtaking views of rocks and deep valleys with lush green forests.
  • Tiger Enclosure – This enclosure houses the magnificent Bengal tiger along with the white tigers being bred here.
  • Herbivore Enclosure – It is the largest enclosure where herbivores like Gaur, Sambar, Cheetal, Barking Deer, Black Buck, and Nilgai can be sighted. This part of the jungle is well maintained with five water bodies and edible grass species such as sacharam, symbopogan, and heteropogan suitable to feed the herbivores.
  • Bear Enclosure – The enclosure is planted with fruit-bearing trees to create a natural habitat for bears.

4.   Bannerghatta Nature Tourism

The topography of the park is blessed with some interesting geological formations that visitors could explore these include.

  • Rock & Prehistoric Garden – The Park encloses some interesting granite and rock formations that could be explored at leisure. Three life-size models of prehistoric animals – Styracosaurus, Dimetrodon, and Dinosaurus are erected here. The prehistoric rock formation gathers crowds in large numbers who come here to watch and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding forest landscape.
  • Swarnamukhi Watch Tower –This tower was erected for visitors to get a panoramic view of the park
  • Barber Stone –It is a monolithic stone that resembles the shape of a stone used by barbers to sharpen their knives in the earlier days.

5.  Crossover Learning at Bannerghatta National Park

Social scientists and educationalists have been experimenting with new learning methodologies that will help students be adept at dealing with life’s challenges at the workplace and in society at large. Some of the methods that have gained prominence are learning through argumentation, computational thinking, crossover learning, context-based learning, and learning by doing science by lab experimentation.

Crossover learning embodies learning in informal settings such as in science museums, wildlife parks, planetariums, and science laboratories. It is believed that an informal environment helps spark further interest in the subject that helps in creating authentic and engaging opportunities to learn. The Bannerghatta Biological Park provides the perfect environment for crossover learning for children.

Crossover learning helps children learn better when curiosity, intrigue, enthusiasm, and reasoning are encouraged. Bannerghatta National Park is the perfect location to help children become interested in studies again. It is advisable to check local listings to get the latest information about the park timings, opening hours, entrance fees, and other facilities that customers might need to avail of while visiting the national park.

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Things to keep in mind at the Bannerghatta National Park

The park is a silent zone and visitors are expected to follow a few instructions.

  • Wear clothing that merges with nature. Avoid wearing fluorescent/bright colored clothing
  • Wear comfortable shoes; carry a backpack, water bottle, hat, headphones as the park is a silent zone.
  • Visitors may have to walk about 2 to 3 km while inside the park.
  • Bringing food inside zoo premises as it attracts free-ranging bonnet macaques.
  • Any liquids and essential food items should be securely contained in a multi-use container in the backpack to avoid snatching by free ranging monkeys.

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It’s time to head to enjoy a fascinating  day out to the Bannerghatta National Park.

Bannerghatta National Park  has been working tirelessly in educating people about the need to show empathy to wild animals and the importance of preserving our natural resources for further generations. It is engaged in providing opportunities for scientific studies, to help create a gene pool and germplasm reserve of wild animals for biological research in breeding endangered wild animals.

Finally, get to do the following interesting things when at the park  with family and friends.

  • Take a jungle safari at the Bannerghatta National Park.
  • Enjoy a close look of the amazing wildlife when on safari
  • Soak in the beauty of the Bannerghatta Botanical Gardens with its charming fountain, flora & fauna