A Quick Guide To Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift

A Quick Guide To Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift

A Quick Guide To Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’re looking to enhance the aesthetic of your derrière, you may have heard of a Brazilian butt lift. It’s a surgical procedure that uses liposuction to remove fat from other body areas and transfer it to the buttocks.

But the surgery can be expensive, time-consuming, and risky. A Medical News Today article reports a 1% chance of patients developing a fat embolism during or after surgery. Fat embolisms travel through the bloodstream and could cause serious complications or even death. Other complications may also arise from this surgery.

But did you know that there is a non-surgical alternative that can give you similar results? This quick guide introduces the non-surgical Brazilian butt lift, and everything patients need to know about it.

What is a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift?

This cosmetic procedure enhances the shape and size of your buttocks without surgery. Non-Surgical BBL involves the injection of dermal fillers to add volume and contouring. Unlike the surgical lift, it requires no incisions or general anesthesia. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that takes only a few hours to complete.

This procedure may be best suited for patients not expecting an extreme transformation. Even if the results aren’t as pronounced as implants, patients love the results. Adding to their satisfaction is the boost in their self-confidence and body image.

How does it work?

The procedure involves the injection of fillers like BellaFill, Sculptra, or hyaluronic acid into the buttocks. BellaFill and Sculptra are deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

On the other hand, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the body that helps to keep moisture and plump up the skin. Many other medical procedures for reducing wrinkles also use hyaluronic acid as a filler.

Various areas of the buttocks will be injected with fillers to create the desired shape and volume. Depending on the size and shape the patient requires, the process is repeated until the desired result is achieved.

Furthermore, the procedure usually takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the patient’s desired outcome. Afterward, the patient could spend a short time in the clinic for observation before going home. The brief stay allows the doctor to monitor patients for any side effects or potential medical issues.

Patients can leave the clinic if they aren’t showing unexpected reactions to the procedure. However, they may experience mild swelling and bruising around the injection site, which should subside within a few days.

What are the benefits of a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift?

There are many benefits of the non-surgical procedure over those of surgery. For one thing, some patients may have adverse reactions from anesthesia . Consequently, they won’t be able to have surgical BBL done.

The benefits that sway these patients toward choosing a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift over the surgical version include the following:

  • Less invasive: The non-surgical Brazilian butt lift doesn’t involve incisions or liposuction, making it less invasive than the surgical Brazilian butt lift.
  • Quick recovery: Since there are no incisions, patients recover swiftly. You can resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure.
  • Natural-looking results: The dermal fillers used in the procedure look and feel natural, giving your buttocks a more natural-looking appearance.
  • Customizable size: Your cosmetic surgeon can customize the procedure to meet your needs and the desired outcome.
  • Minimal risks: The procedure is safe and has fewer risks than surgical procedures.

Moreover, the costs of the two procedures also differ widely. Surgical BBL costs are significantly higher than non-surgical BBL. In the first option, the patient would have to include hospital or facility costs, anesthesia and surgeon’s fees, and others. All these added costs could significantly pad the final bill, making non-surgical BBL costs considerably lower.

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

The short answer would be anyone who desires fuller, more contoured buttocks without surgery. However, it’s important to note that the procedure may not be for everyone. Patients should ensure their medical history is checked by a licensed physician before deciding to undergo the process.

The publication Metro emphasizes the importance of finding a professional for the treatment. According to their article, many regions don’t regulate the industry very well, leaving patients vulnerable to botched procedures.

That said, the qualities below could make for an excellent candidate if they opt for a professionally done non-surgical BBL:

  • Good overall health.
  • Have realistic expectations about the procedure’s outcome.
  • Be willing to follow the post-treatment instructions.

Good physical and mental health and the support of an experienced and qualified practitioner should benefit patients the most. Although recovery isn’t as long as surgery, it could still affect the patient’s well-being.


A non-surgical Brazilian butt lift is minimally invasive, safe, and effective. Moreover, it’s an excellent option for those who want more natural-looking, fuller, and shapelier buttocks. Eliminating the risks of undergoing surgery is also a significant advantage.

If you’re interested in the procedure, consult qualified and experienced medical practitioners. Additionally, patients could learn more about the method by doing thorough research. Consider its benefits and risks and whether it’s the right option before opting for this procedure.