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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Family (Men, Kids & Babies)

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Family (Men, Kids & Babies)

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Family (Men, Kids & Babies)

Finding fun, useful & one-of-a-kind gifts for my sweet fam is one of my FAVORITE parts of the holiday season! Even though I’m not a big shopper— when it comes to the holidays, I always aim to get my family & friends things that they’ll genuinely love and use for years. And that often requires some digging! So I always say, if I’m going to be searching high and low for it anyway, I might as well share my findings with you. 😉 The more the merrier, right?

This year, we’re breaking up our annual gift guide into three separate posts: this one for families (husbands, kids and babies), one for the women in your life and one for homebodies & health lovers to make browsing & picking gifts for your favorite people even easier.

Gifts for healthy men:

1.Jack Henry Products: These are the best of the best natty men’s personal care products. Kyle especially loves the hair clay, hair paste and deodorant.

2. PP Charcoal deodorant : this one specifically is the BEST, and truly works and is great for guys or girls honestly (I use it too, especially in the postpartum year)! USE THE CODE “SIMPLYREALHEALTH” to get 15% off your order!

3. The BEST joggers: winning the most-worn lounge pants in this house, for YEARS now.

4. The BEST work-hang-everything pants: my dad and kyle both agree. The most worn pairs for both of them, for years now.

5. Theragun: We are both obsessed with this for post-workout recovery. It hurts so good.

6. Kindle: The BEST if your partner loves to read– it makes getting new books more affordable, eco friendly and easy to travel with! I love a physical book but the convenience of a kindle can’t be beat.

7. The 5 Minute Journal: Love love love this mindful but quick journal practice– great for guys who’d like to jot down some thoughts & memories but don’t have a ton of time.

8. Solo Stove: A PORTABLE fire pit? Every dude’s dream come true. Honestly, this thing is so cool.

9. Yeti mug: We looove these for keeping warm bevvies/tea/coffee warm for so long! And great that it comes with a lid.

Gifts for kids:

1. Kids chef knives: this set or this set if you like the more natural look. So great for getting kids in the kitchen!

2. Learning kitchen tower: this was one of my best purchases, still going 3 years strong over here with daily use! I love the look of it even after years of use. 

3. This bike: another daily love for years of use

4. Tea-set: anything imaginary play, I love. He loves. We all love. And will get used for years to come.

5. Art easel with paper roll: this one is on Noah’s list the year

6. Magnetic letters: a fun way to learn about letters….and be entertained in the kitchen while I’m making dinner. 

7. Dishes & Plate Set: (this one is darling too)

8. Pop-up playhouse: we have this and love it, so great for a range of ages and imagination play! I love the colors (lol). 

9. Magnatiles: a fav for so many ages. We use these almost daily. 

10. Loveevery playkits — our favorite toy kits of all time. Truly such a gift, and all designed for the exact brain stage they  are in (and non-eye-sore toys that last for decades and multiple kids!). Use the code “simplyrealhealth” at checkout for an extra $30 off for Black Friday weekend!

11. Tiny apron: love this one (and so does Chef Noah)

12. Double sided magnetic drawing board: great for quiet time and/or travel/car

13. Puzzles: (this one and this one are noah’s favorites right now)

14. Favorite books: see my full list of  our fav kids books here

15. Kids Yard tools:I’m all about toys that actually work (and help them do adult things with you!)

16. Play Kitchen: so adorable, and one I wouldn’t mind looking at as an adult. 

17. The best toddler jacket: This will last for years and through several kids, what’s not to love?!

18. Kids craft & nook table: we have this exact one and I love it for so many things. So cute. 

19. Natural kids bath bombs: (pair with my favorite natural bubble bath too!)

20. Bracelet Making Kit: make their own designs, and a great play-date idea!

21. Rad River Co Hats: love this small business that makes such cute (and functional) hats for all. The nylon ones are waterproof, but all styles are so cute!

Gifts for babies:

1. This cute shopping cart: one of my favorite toys, my kids both love it and use it all the time. It doubles as a great walking toy too. 

2. Rainbow stacking toy: So cute and fun for them to explore.

3. Playmats: These are so cute and perf for them to lounge/play on.

4. Silicone nesting cups: I love the neutral color tones of these!

5. Kyte Bamboo Sleep Sack: The best way to keep baby warm at night once they’re out of the swaddle! Super soft and comes in the cutest colors.

6. Baby Food Files: The best real food guide for feeding your baby solids all the way through toddlerhood, with info on stages of nutritional development, allergen introduction & 40+ family-friendly recipes.

7. Alphabet puzzle: so cute for littles.

8. My favorite baby socks:extra points that they actually stay on.

9. Favorite baby clothes: see all my favs saved here!

main photo by Talitha Bullock // this post contains affiliate links