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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Women in Your Life

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Women in Your Life

Shopping for the ladies in your life should be fun— so I want to share some of my favorite ideas for your BFF, your MIL, your sister, mom, grandma, coworker or any other woman who elevates and adds value to your life. Sure, I’m not a huuuuge shopper— but when it comes to the holidays, I always aim to get my family & friends things that they’ll genuinely love and use for years. And that somehow will improve the quality of their daily life: a tiny spark of joy, or a healthier way to go through their day.

And that often requires some digging! So I always say, if I’m going to be searching high and low for it anyway, I might as well share my findings with you. 😉 The more the merrier, right?

This year, we’re breaking up our annual gift guide into three separate posts: this one for the women in your life, one for families (husbands, kids and babies) and one for homebodies & health lovers to make browsing & picking gifts for your favorite people even easier.

Okay, now let’s get to the good stuff…

Gifts for your favorite women:

My Top Picks this Year:

1. Ribbed Align Legging: my favorite pants of alllll time, now in a limited edition ribbed legging style. Yes please (I have the brown and LOVE!). 

Honorable mention: Also, the same in a bodysuit? Hello lover. The best thing under every winter sweater. And my favorite movement bra, ribbed? I’m all in on this. Make sure you size up on the bras at least one size, they run small. 

2. This half zip sweatshirt: On my list, so don’t make it sell out, ok!? I love so many of the colors, and know it’s something I’ll be wearing everyday. 

3. These mejuri earrings (my favorite right now): My girlfriends got these for me for my birthday and i can’t stop wearing them, they go with everything. Jewelry makes the best and most special gifts, that last for legacies. I love that : )

4. This choker necklace: I wear every single day, and this initial necklace I got with my babies’ initials on it (make it special and monogrammed however you want). And the beautiful hera chain too. 

5. These rainboots: to keep my winter walks (and everyday life) happy and dry. 

6. My favorite “everything” shoe: dress it up, dress it down, skirts, pants, dresses, this one does it all (i have in black and now the cream too, they’re that good. And so comfortable). Such a long-term quality staple of a shoe!

7. This puffer jacket: long and warm and sleeping bag-like are my only needs in the winter. Adn important elements to actually getting outside everyday for some fresh air, no matter the weather.  I love these colors!

8. Nuuly subscription: ok, this is one of my favorite things ever— they rent you clothes each month from brands like free people, anthropologie and agolde that you can wear and return, OR buy (if you fall in love with it). Such a smart, sustainable approach to personal style! 

SUBSCRIPTION RUNNER UPS: Other favorite monthly subscriptions in my life that would make a great gift:

  • The Chani App (weekly personalized birth chart astrology readings and GREAT meditations)
  • Melissa Wood Health app (GREAT and quick/efficient pilates and yoga workouts, that they just added more styles too! Also good meditations too).
  • And also, our very own SRH Cooking Club (just $9/month or $97 for the year on sale right now (with some special extra perks if you join for the year!). Basically, it’s our elevated community hub. You get a brand new recipe every week from me, 3 seasonal suggested recipes to make that week,  plus live cooking classes once a month, AND entire meal planning tool, searchable recipe dashboard and organizer, and ability to change servings sizes, print grocery lists, etc. Grab all the extra perks right now, only through Dec 5th1

9. Kindle: I recently upgrade my 10 year old kindle and love it nightly. 

10. The 5 Minute Journal: a great practice if you’re going through a transition, feel like you’re living a little too much in autopilot, and want to feel more present and aware in your days. 

11. Aloha waterproof travel & beach bags: easy to pack, waterproof, and so cute. My new favorite find this year for traveling and the beach. 

Favorite Life-Changing Little Things (under $40)

1. PP Oil Cleanser: truly the best under $20 you’ll ever spend on your skin. Hydrating, nourishing and removes makeup and the day away so well with a warm washcloth. USE THE CODE “SIMPLYREALHEALTH” to get 15% off your order!

2. PP Baby Balm : aka, the best undereye cream, salve for burns and baby/kids cuts and scrapes too. So multifunctional! USE THE CODE “SIMPLYREALHEALTH” to get 15% off your order! Also check out the limited edition whipped Holiday Body Butter. The Holiday candle trio, and all the deodorants and serums too!

3. Ilia lip balm: I love the hold me, heartbeats and lady colors. Runnerup pick: The Ilia lipsticks!

4. Ilia mascara: the only natural mascara that’s worked for me!

5. Sleep eye mask: my tried and true, nightly love. It *has* to have those eye pocket cut-outs though. 

6.Ice roller: to de-puff, stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation in the mornings. Also great if you get headaches. 

7. Gua sha stone : such a grounding ritual and great way to reduce puffiness and wrinkles. And easy to pack and/or carry around the house. 

8. J.Hannah Nail Polish– 7-free and such cool colors. My new fav natural company!

9. Usb re-chargable candle lighter: finally, someone made a sleek and prettier version of those old bulky things. This one is easier to store and just feels fun to use!

10. Xtrema non-toxic skillet pan: such an afforadable way to upgrade your cookware to a non-toxic version (this is so important). Starting with a single pan is a great way to go!

11. Equilibria CBD daily drops– in regular or their new Winter Citrus versions. A tiny few drops can help with great sleep at night– it’s a lifesaver!! Use the code “simplyrealhealth” to get 15% off. Runner up picks: the new sleep gummies and the relief balm too!

Health, Wellness, Skincare & Beauty Gifts

1. Red light therapy: I am obsessed with red light therapy right now — especially as we head into winter and thinking about creating more nourishing wintertime routines. Red-light modalities can help with anti-aging, de-stressing, muscle/joint recovery, mood-boosting and soo much more.

There are two kinds of devices: skincare devices and overall body devices. They are a little on the pricey side, but will last for decades. They are great idea for those in your life that love wellness, and are looking for something new to add to their routine. 

Red Light Therapy Options: Check out this full body light (or smaller travel options too). This one is on my list this year to use while I meditate and stretch in the mornings. A 10 min sesh is all it takes for better cellular function, natural energy and anti-aging properties while you’re at it. I reached out the the company directly and they were so kind to give me a code for you all since they don’t go on sale. Use the code “simplyrealhealth” at checkout for 5% off. 

Also, check out  my favorite anti-aging red light skincare wand. Or the cordless full face mask here.

2. Primally Pure Starter Kit

If you’re just starting with natural skincare and/or Primally Pure products, THIS is the place to jump in. Their epic Starter Kit comes with: natural deodorant, everything spray, a body butter, three chapsticks and a cute (reusable) gift bag to hold it all. A great way to dip your toe into their incredible products or give the gift of natural non-toxic skincare that’s luxurious and beautiful. USE THE CODE “SIMPLYREALHEALTH” to get 15% off your order!

Other all-time favorites: The Cleansing Oil (my holy grail), The Everything Spray, The Deodorants (tea tree, lavender and charcoal are my personal favs), The Plumping Collection, The Holiday Candle (limited edition!!), The Holiday Body Butter (limited edition!!), The Vanilla Almond Body Butter, The Eucalyptus- Lavender Body Butter, The Gua Sha Stone, The Dry Shampoo, The Baby Kit (and Baby Balm itself).

Also, be sure to check out their Crisp Woods Winter Home Scent Collection here: a room spray, all natural hand soap, and a essential oil diffuser blend to give your home a total hygge vibe for winter.

And their limited Holiday Collection here when it drops (warning, it goes fast!)! Including: Holiday Hand Soap, Holiday Deodorant, Holiday Candle, Holiday Body Butter, Holiday Tinted Lip Balm & more). They’re all so fun and such a great way to take care of yourself through the holiday season.

–> USE THE CODE “SIMPLYREALHEALTH” to get 15% off your order!

3. Osea Holiday Gifts:

  • Osea Bestseller Minis: alll of my Osea favorites, in the perfect travel size. This is a great gift for anyone who loves clean skincare and loves trying out different things.
  • Osea Undria Body Oil- but like, this is actual heaven in a bottle. Post bath in the wintertime, there is actually nothing better. I silently thank myself for buying it everytime I put it on.
  • Osea Hylaronic Sea Serum– this is so cooling, de-puffing, and absorbs so fast into the skin. It’s so refreshing, I love love it.

Use code “simplyrealhealth” for a extra 10% off your Osea order. 

main photo by Carina Skrobecki // this post contains affiliate links